livin' in a new light

LED streets

LED street light

The best LED available on the world market and our patented optical solutions allow us to reach high performance levels. The best efficiency, high luminance uniformity and the neutral light color are some of the topics we achieved for improving the road safety in compliance with the actual standards.

LED industrial

high bay LED light

Detas Dleds industrial LED lights allow the maximization of the safety on the workplace, fully meeting the current regulations. Thanks to our optical systems, the highest power saving is also achieved, by designing differently each project  according to the destination of the area to be lit and its shape.

LED outdoor

floor recessed light

Dleds outdoor lights can be used for parks, gardens, pools, arcades, facades, paths and walkways. Thanks to the LED technology it is possible to reduce drastically the power consumption of common parts, gardens, facades, etc.
increasing the safety and visibility of your premises.

LED indoor

LED indoor

LED ceiling lights, appliques, spotlights or stripes are some of the indoor led lighting solutions that can help in reducing the current consumption and give new visibility to the indoor spaces.