Waterproof LED Fixtures

from 22 to 120 W

Waterproof LED Fixtures


The quickest Payback:

  • Parking garage facilities are often lighted 24/7, switching to energy efficient lighting allows massive energy savings.

Improved quality of the light:

  • No flickering, CRI >80.
  • Comfortable lighting: no visible light source, ultra low glare.
  • Photobiological risk exempt certified.
  • Several dedicated products allow a great design flexibility.
  • No hazardous materials, safe also in case of breakage IP54/65 rating for the complete fixtures.
  • 6kV standard surge protection device.

Control systems available: 1-10V/DALI and illuminance/motion sensor.

Used for: 

  • Multi-level parking garages
  • Underground parking garages
  • Self storage and RV storage